MARANTZ PM6006 Stereo Integrated Amplifier With Built-In DAC


Marantz Hdam Technology:
  • Marantz's Exclusive Hdam Technology Features Precision Discrete Components That Provide Wide Dynamic Range With Low Distortion, Outperforming Conventional Op-amp Integrated Circuit Chips.
  • Hdam Modules Are Used In The Digital Audio Converter Stages As Well As The Critical Analog Audio Stage.
Current Feedback Amplifier:
  • Equipped With Multiple High Current Wide Range Power Transistors, The Pm6006 Features The Ability To Handle Low Impedance Speakers, And Is Rated At 45 Watts Per Channel Into 8 Ohms And 60 Watts Per Channel Into 4 Ohms.
  • The Output Stages Feature Current Feedback (Originated By Marantz) Instead Of Voltage Feedback, For The Lowest Distortion And Highest Stability.
High Current Power Supply:
  • Featuring A High Current High Capacity Shielded Toroidal Power Transformer, The Power Supply Section Also Employs High Current High Speed Shottky Barrier Diodes, Along With High Current Storage Capacitors That Together Provide Wide Dynamic Range Along With Low Impedance Drive Capability.
Reference Quality Dac:
  • The Pm6006 Is Equipped With A Reference Class Cs4398 24-bit/192khz Dac For Exceptional Sound Quality Of Your Digital Audio Sources.
  • The Digital Audio Section Is Housed In A Shielded Compartment To Prevent Interference With The Analog Audio Circuit Blocks.
Analog & Digital Inputs:
  • In Addition To Four Other Analog Line Level Inputs & One Analog Record Output, The Pm6006 Also Features A Dedicated Phono Input, For Compatibility With Moving Magnet Turntables. Both Optical And Coaxial Digital Audio Inputs Are Provided, For Compatibility With A Wide Range Of Digital Audio Sources (32-192khz; 2ch Pcm Only).
  • The Analog Inputs And Coaxial Digital Input Are Gold-plated For Optimum Signal Transfer.
Gold-Plated Binding Posts:
  • Equipped With Two Sets Of Speaker Terminals, The Pm6006 Can Drive Two Pairs Of Speakers, Or It Can Be Connected To One Pair Of Bi-wiring Compatible Speakers, With One Set Of Terminals For The Low Range Drivers And The Other Set Connected To The High Range Drivers The Pm6006 Is Fitted With Eight Gold-plated Binding Post Terminals For Long Life And Optimum Signal Transfer Integrity.
  • The Binding Posts Will Accept Banana Plugs (Single/dual), Pin Connectors, And Bare Wire (Up To 10awg). Use 4 To 8-ohm Speakers When Powering Only One Pair Of Speakers. Use 8-ohm Speakers When Powering Two Pair Of Speakers.
Fully Discrete Headphone AMP:
  • For Superb Sound Quality With The Widest Range Of Headphone Types, The Pm6006 Features A Fully Discrete Headphone Amplifier That Is Able To Handle Just About Any Headphone Type, Regardless Of Impedance Or Sensitivity.
  • The High Quality Gold Plated 1/4" Headphone Jack Is Compatible With Audiophile And Studio Headphones And Adapters.
Tone Controls + Source Direct Mode:
  • This Unit Has A Tone Control Function For Adjustment Of Bass (Low Frequency) And Treble (High Frequency) Sound To Produce Your Preferred Sound.
  • There Is Also Loudness Feature Which Compensates For Human Hearing Characteristics By Boosting The Bass And Treble Response At Low Volume Levels To Achieve A More Pleasing Tonal Balance.
  • The Source Direct Function Bypasses Unneeded Circuit Stages (Such As The Tone Controls) For The Most Direct Audio Path From Input To Output.
Aluminum/glass-reinforced Resin Front-Panel:
  • The Integrated Amplifier's Front-panel Uses A Carefully Chosen Combination Of Aluminum & Glass-reinforced Resin To Create A Distinctive Three Dimensional Appearance. Indirect Reflecting Blue Leds Indicating Input Selection And Heighten Its Elegant Appearance.
Remote Control:
  • Featuring An Easy To Use Ergonomic Design, The Elegant Remote Control Can Also Be User To Control The Matching Cd6006 Cd Player (Sold Separately), As Well As Controlling A Network Player.
  • Remote Input And Output Terminals Let You Connect The Pm6006 To Other Marantz Components, Such As The Matching Cd6006 Cd Player, Allowing You To Place The Pm6006 Out Of Sight (Such As In A Cabinet) Yet Still Providing Full Remote Control Capabilities.
  • The Ir (Infrared) Flasher Port Lets You Connect The Pm6006 To An External System Remote Controller
AC Outlets:
  • The Marantz Pm6006 Is Fitted With Two Switched & One Un-switched Ac Power Outlets To Connect Your Other A/v Components.
Protection Circuit:
  • The Pm6006's Protection Circuit Prevents Damage To Devices Within The Power Supply When An Abnormality Such As An Overload, Excess Voltage Occurs Or Over Temperature For Any Reason.
  • If A Malfunction Occurs In This Unit, The Power Indicator Blinks Red And The Unit Switches To Standby Mode.
Auto Standby Mode:
  • With The Auto Standby Mode "On", This Unit Will Automatically Enter The Auto Standby Mode After Approximately 30 Continuous Minutes Of No Output From The Speakers Or Headphones.
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