MARANTZ ND8006 CD Player/Music Streamer/DAC With Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® And HEOS

Audio Section

Audiophile DAC + Marantz HDAM:

  • The ND8006 is built with legendary Marantz sound quality commitment. The audiophile ESS9016 Sabre DAC, with dual crystal clocks ensures accurate handling of all digital signals (up to 32-bit/384kHz and DSD 11.2MHz).
  • The analog circuitry uses carefully selected components, plus the famous Marantz Hyper-Dynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAMs) resulting in wide dynamic range and lowest distortion.
  • In place of the all-in-one "chip amplifiers" used in a lot of other components, these miniature amplifiers are built from separate, optimized components for the very best sound quality, and are found in Marantz products all the way up to the Reference series players and amplifiers.

Marantz Music Digital Filter (MMDF):

  • The ND8006 features the unique Marantz Musical Digital Filtering (MMDF), inspired by their audiophile reference class technology.
  • For Marantz, using standard digital filter solutions is not an option, as this filtering is crucial to the sound reproduction of digital input signals.
  • As a result, they invested extensively in gaining expert knowledge, leading into highly-acclaimed Marantz Music Mastering technology used in award-winning Premium Range 10 Series products.
  • Adapted for the ND8006 hardware design, the solution is called Marantz Musical Digital Filtering.
  • Two selectable, digital filter characteristics cater for different tastes, and each handle even the minutest of detail with loving care in the digital audio signal, transforming new media files into the finest of high-resolution playback.

Filter 1:

  • Offers a short impulse response for both pre-echo and post-echo. Suitable for large information content audio.
  • Produces a deep sound image with clearly-defined positional relationships of the audio sources.

Filter 2:

  • This characteristic is known as asymmetrical impulse response. The post echo is slightly longer than the pre-echo.
  • The sound characteristics is more analog like.

Pure Sound Quality:

  • The individual "OFF mode" setting allows unused sections of the ND8006 to be switched off to avoid any chance of interference, and to keep the audio source signal paths in use as pure as possible for further improved sound quality.
  • The shielded toroidal transformer further minimizes internal noise, while the rigid double-layer chassis cares for optimal shielding and stability.

Discrete Headphone Amplifier:

  • For music lovers enjoying their favorite recording directly via headphones, the ND8006 features a high-quality headphone stage with dedicated amplifier module HDAM-SA2.
  • To work with a wider variety of headphones, the gain factor can be changed from low to mid to high.
  • By using this, it is possible to drive low to high impedance headphone without any problem.

Fixed & Variable Analog Outputs:

  • Alongside its conventional Fixed stereo RCA line-level output for use with an integrated amplifier like the perfectly matching PM8006 (sold separately), the ND8006 provides a separate Variable stereo RCA line-level output for connection to a dedicated power amp, allowing the Network CD Player to be used as a multi-source digital player/preamp.

Optical & Coaxial Digital Output:

  • In addition to Fixed & Variable stereo RCA line-level outputs, the Marantz ND8006 is equipped with one optical (toslink) digital output and one coaxial (RCA) digital output.

Built-In CD Player + Digital Inputs

Disc Compatibility:

  • The Marantz ND 8006 features a built-in CD player with playback support for CD-Audio, CD-R, and CD-RW discs. MP3 and WMA music files (formatted in ISO9660 level 1) can be played back on a finalized CD-R or CD-RW disc.
  • The Network CD Player can recognize up to 256 folders or a total of 512 folders and files.
  • The unit offers basic playback & search functions such as Play/Pause, Stop, Fast Forward/Rewind, Previous/Next Track, and Random/Repeat. It also offers advance controls like Direct Search and Program Playback (up to 25 tracks).
  • The player also supports ID3-Tag and Meta-Tag data for song/artist/album information display. 


  • sampling frequency = 44.1 or 48kHz; bit-rate = 2 to 320kbps


  • sampling frequency = 44.1 or 48kHz; bit-rate = 64 to 192kbps

Front-Panel USB-A Port:

  • The Marantz ND8006 is equipped with a front-panel USB (type-A) port that allows you to enjoy a variety of high-resolution and compressed music files from a USB mass storage class memory device, such as a USB thumbdrive or external hard drive (formatted in FAT16 or FAT32).
  • The player can recognize up to 500 folder and 5,000 total files.
  • You'll be able to control your USB device's music and view song/artist info (along with album art) from the HEOS app on your Apple iOS or Android device.
  • You can also control playback and search functions from the included IR remote.
  • The USB ports are rated to provide a maximum of 5V/1A power to the attached device.
  • This is usually sufficient enough to power USB flash drives and flash memory card readers, but may not be sufficient for all USB hard disks (may require external power supply). Compatible music files include 


  • sampling frequency = 32, 44.1, or 48Khz; bit-rate = 32 to 320kbps


  • sampling frequency = 32, 44.1, or 48Khz; bit-rate = 48 to192kbps


  • sampling frequency = 32, 44.1, or 48Khz; bit-rate = 16 to 320kbps

Apple Lossless:

  • sampling frequency = 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, or 192kHz


  • sampling frequency = 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, or 192kHz


  • sampling frequency = 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, or 192kHz


  • sampling frequency = 2.8 or 5.6Mhz

Note: Do not use with an extension cable or USB hub.

Rear-Panel USB-B Port:

  • The ND8006 features a rear-panel USB-B port to connect to your Windows PC or Mac computer for playback of 2ch PCM and DSD music files.
  • The USB-B input works in asynchronous mode to support not only 32-bit/384kHz high-resolution 2ch PCM audio, but also DSD 2.8/5.6/11.2MHz for maximized performance and the most direct way to enjoy excellent sound quality from your computer or laptop.
  • To safeguard quality when connected to a computer, Marantz built in extended isolation around the USB-B input to eliminate the chance of high frequency noise generated by the computer entering the ND8006.

Computer Requirements:

  • Windows (7, 8, 8.1 or 10) / Mac OS X (OS X 10.10, 10.11, or 10.12)

Supported Audio Formats:

  • 2Ch Linear PCM (44.1, 48, 8.2, 96. 176.4, 192, 352.8, or 384kHz [16-/24-/32-bit]) / 2Ch DSD (2.8, 5.6, or 11.2MHz [1-bit])

Notes: Before connecting the ND8006 to your Windows PC, install the dedicated USB driver software from Marantz website onto your computer (Mac computers will not require the installation of this USB driver).

Optical & Coaxial Digital Inputs:

  • The Network CD Player is equipped with two optical (toslink) digital inputs and one coaxial (RCA) digital input for connecting external digital audio sources with inferior DACs, so you can take advantage of the ND8006's audiophile-grade DAC.
  • These digital inputs support Linear PCM signals (stereo) with sampling frequencies of 44.1, 48, 65, 88.2, 96, 176.4, & 192 kHz (16- or 24-bit).

Note: The player's optical & coaxial digital inputs do not support Dolby Digital or DTS.

Network & Bluetooth Audio

Wired Or Wireless Network Connection:

  • The Marantz ND8006 is outfitted with a RJ-45 Ethernet (LAN) port to connect the player to your home network.
  • The unit also offers built-in dual-band WiFi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n; 2.4/5GHz) for a wireless network connection; WPS, WEP (64-/128-bit) or WPA/WPA2-PSK (AES/TKIP) security protection is supported.
  • Either network connection gives the player access to HEOS music apps (like TuneIn, Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, etc), your music library on your Apple iOS or Android device through Apple AirPlay, as well as music content on your Windows PC or DLNA music server.
  • Wireless network setup can be done via WPS button, Access Point Scan, Manual Setting, or even through your Apple iOS device (5.0+).

HEOS Account:

  • Prior to using the ND8006 Network CD Player, you'll need to setup up your free HEOS account.
  • Your HEOS account remembers all your settings and preferences such as all your music service logins and HEOS playlists.
  • When you'd like to add multiple smartphone or tablet controllers to your system, you only need to sign in to each new device with your HEOS user name and password.
  • Instantly all your music services and HEOS playlists are available in the new controller too.
  • If you prefer, we support multiple HEOS accounts in a single household.
  • This way, each family member can enjoy their own personalized Pandora or Spotify account settings and still share all the same speakers in the home.

Online Music Services:

  • The ND8006's built-in HEOS technology lets you stream your favorite online music services like Pandora, iHeart Radio, SiriusXM, Tidal, Amazon, Rhapsody, TuneIn, Spotify Connect, and Amazon Music (more streaming music services coming soon - stay tuned).
  • The HEOS app on your Apple iOS or Android device will serve as the controller for these apps and provide song/artist information with Album Art. You can create a "Favorite" station list, so you can quickly access your favorite internet radio stations and online music channels.
  • These online music services can be distributed to other HEOS products connected to your home network.


  • The HEOS system includes access to more than 100,000 free internet radio streams from all corners of the globe via the TuneIn radio service.
  • Just select the TuneIn logo from the main Music menu and browse among the 100,000 stations neatly organized into popular categories and select a station that appeals to your mood.
  • In addition to the HEOS app, the TuneIn Internet Radio can also be accessed from the player's IR remote control. 


  • Pandora is free, personalized radio that plays music and comedy you'll love. Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs, comedians or composers and Pandora will create a custom station that plays similar tracks.
  • You can also rate (thumbs up/thumbs down) songs as they play, and Pandora will adapt stations to your feedback.
  • You can even bookmark up to 100 stations and easily switch between favorites.

Spotify Connect:

  • If you subscribe to Spotify Premium and have the Spotify App on your Apple iOS or Android smartphone, you can stream Spotify to the HEOS system.
  • Spotify is a digital music service that gives you on-demand access to one of the largest music libraries in the world (over 15 million tracks and counting).
  • Spotify makes it easier than ever to discover, manage, and share music with your friends.
  • You can browse music by artist, album, track, or most popular; and create your own music library with customized playlists.

IHeart Radio:

  • iHeartRadio is a free, all-in-one digital radio and music streaming service that lets you listen to thousands of live stations from across the country and allows you to create personalized custom stations featuring songs from the artist you select and similar music.


  • SiriusXM Internet Radio lets you listen to over 120 channels of commercial-free music, talk radio, news, sports, entertainment, and more.


  • Rhapsody is a streaming music subscription service (starting a $10 per month) that allows you to play the full-length songs you choose on demand from a collection of over 10 million songs, without ads and without having to purchase or download the music.


  • TIDAL is a global streaming service that offers over 30 million songs in high-fidelity CD sound quality.
  • TIDAL has two pricing tiers; either $9.99 or $19.99 a month.
  • Both pricing levels allow you to access TIDAL's entire music library.
  • The $19.99 tier has the added benefit of high-fidelity sound at CD-level quality.

Amazon Music:

  • Listen to over a million songs, thousands of playlists, and ad-free personalized stations with Amazon Music.
  • Requires an Amazon Prime membership (currently $10.99 per month or $99 per year).

Note: Availability of online music services may vary by region. Not all services may be available at time of purchase. Some services may be added or discontinued from time to time based on decisions of the music service providers or others.

DLNA Certified:

  • The Marantz ND8006 Network CD Player is DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) 1.5 and Windows 7/8 compliant.
  • This allows you to wirelessly stream a variety of high-resolution and compressed music files stored on your network connected Windows PC or DLNA-certified NAS drives to the ND8006.
  • From the HEOS app on your compatible Apple iOS or Android device you can browse music files, control playback and view song/artist information with album art.
  • You can also control basic playback functions from the included IR remote. Compatible music files include -


  • sampling frequency = 32, 44.1, or 48Khz; bit-rate = 32 to 320kbps


  • sampling frequency = 32, 44.1, or 48Khz; bit-rate = 48 to192kbps


  • sampling frequency = 32, 44.1, or 48Khz; bit-rate = 16 to 320kbps

Apple Lossless:

  • sampling frequency = 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, or 192kHz


  • sampling frequency = 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, or 192kHz


  • sampling frequency = 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, or 192kHz


  • Sampling Frequency = 2.8 or 5.6MHZ.

AirPlay 2 (VIA Available Firmware Update):

  • Through an available firmware update, the Marantz player will support AirPlay 2. AirPlay 2 is an advanced and easy-to-use wireless multiroom audio platform for iTunes, Apple Music, and other compatible Apple iOS apps.
  • With AirPlay 2 you can play any sound from your Apple iOS device (running iOS 11.4 or later) or Mac computer (running OS X 10.13.2) on the Marantz player and other compatible AirPlay 2 speakers throughout your home.
  • You will also be able to ask Siri-enabled devices (like your Apple iPhone, iPad, or Watch) to control playback of your Apple Music on the Marantz player.
  • You can choose to play audio in one room, play the same audio in grouped rooms, or play the same audio in every room (you can control and group directly from Apple's Music App and Home app on your Apple iOS device).
  • You can even watch videos and movies from YouTube and Netflix on your compatible Apple iOS device or Mac computer with perfectly synced audio on the Marantz player.

Built-In Bluetooth:

  • The Marantz ND8006 features built-in Bluetooth (version 3.0+EDR) with a 98' wireless range for music streaming (A2DP 1.2) and control (AVRCP 1.5). You'll be able to wirelessly stream stored music and music apps from your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop, and more to the Marantz Network CD Player.
  • You will also be able to control basic playback functions (Play/Pause & Previous/Next Track) using the included remote.
  • Advanced music operation and song/artist/album info will still be done from your Bluetooth source device.
  • Up to eight Bluetooth devices can be paired the ND8006, but only one device can be connected and used at a time.

Multi-Room Remote Control

HEOS Wireless Multiroom Audio:

  • Built-in HEOS technology enables the AVR-X1400H to become part of the HEOS by Denon wireless multi-room audio eco-system, allowing you to stream and control local and online music effortlessly from anywhere in your home with the HEOS App on your compatible Apple iOS or Android mobile device over a wireless WiFi network connection.
  • The HEOS system is a true multi-room audio system that automatically synchronizes audio playback between multiple HEOS devices so that your music (up to 24-bit/192kHz Hi-Res audio) coming from different rooms is perfectly in sync and always sounds amazing.
  • You can play the same audio source in every room or any combination of rooms you choose, including a different song in every room.


  • The HEOS wireless multi-room sound system by Denon can support up to 32 HEOS speakers, receivers, amplifiers, players, and/or pre-amplifiers (all sold separately) on a single wireless network (IEEE 802.11 g/n; 2.4/5GHz).


  • The following sources can be distributed through the HEOS multi-room audio system - TuneIn Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, & other HEOS compatible online music services; Windows PC/DLNA music servers; Bluetooth & USB audio; plus music libraries stored on your Apple iOS or Android mobile device.
  • HEOS wireless multiroom audio does not support AirPlay.


  • You can join or group up to eight individual speakers or amplifiers into a group of speakers that function as if they were a single speaker.
  • The HEOS App is also flexible enough where you can create up to 16 Groups (2 speakers/amplifiers per Group).

Party Mode:

  • You can easily group 16 rooms together into Party Mode by using a "pinch" gesture.


  • You'll need to download the HEOS App onto your Apple iOS 7.0+ or Android OS 4.0 device to enjoy HEOS functionality on the Marantz ND8006.
  • Using your mobile device and the HEOS app, you can setup, browse, explore, and control HEOS system right in the palm of your hand, from anywhere in your home.
  • Your compatible Apple iOS or Android device must be connected to the same home wireless (WiFi) network as the ND8006 and your entire HEOS system.
  • The HEOS app consists of 4 control screens.


  • The "Settings" screen enables you to connect one or more HEOS speakers, receivers, amplifiers, players, and/or pre-amplifiers to your home's wireless network.


  • From the app on your Apple iOS or Android device, you can select which rooms you want playing.
  • You can play the same music in multiple rooms by grouping rooms together, or you can listen to a different source in each room.


  • You can select what music and which source you want to listen to from the app. Choose from online music services like Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, Tidal, etc.
  • your music library on your Apple iOS or Android device, Windows PC/DLNA server, or USB thumbdrive; digital inputs; as well as Bluetooth on the ND8006. You can also select music from Playlists you've created, Favorites you've saved, and your recent listening History.

Now Playing:

  • The "Now Playing" screen displays song, artist, and album information; along with Album Art.
  • You also get basic playback controls like Play/Pause and Previous/Next Track, plus Volume controls Up/Down and Mute.
  • In addition the "Now Play" screen functions unique to the selected online music service or music library.

Alexa Compatible (VIA firmware Update):

  • Through a network firmware update, HEOS and Amazon Alexa customers can now enjoy the convenience of Alexa voice control plus high-quality wireless home audio.
  • In addition to controlling your HEOS components with the HEOS app on your mobile device or tablet, you can now control them with Amazon Alexa voice technology and an Amazon Alexa device (including the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Tap and Echo Show - all sold separately).
  • Voice control features include -
  • Alex voice commands include Volume (up/down, specific volume number, & mute); Playback (Play, Pause, Stop, Next, Previous, Resume); and Power on/off. The HEOS Bar and HEOS AVR even support HDMI switching (1-4) through Alexa voice command.
  • You can group your HEOS-enabled devices using the HEOS app with an Alexa-friendly name. Once they are grouped, Alexa voice commands will control the group as a whole. If you want to play audio content from only one HEOS-enabled device in the group, you must ungroup the device within the HEOS app.
  • You are able use voice commands to search for songs, albums and artists and even podcasts and internet stations from HEOS & Alexa compatible music apps - like Amazon Music, Pandora, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Spotify Connect, & SiriusXM.
  • For a list of current Alexa voice commands supported by the HEOS HomeEntertainment Skill, click here. For setup instructions, click here.

Note: You will need an Alexa-enabled device (Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Tap, or Echo Show - all sold separately) to operate your HEOS products via voice-command. Your HEOS components and the Alex-enabled devices must be on the same network.

Remote Control:

  • The included IR remote provides wireless operation of the Network CD Player; including playback functions for CD, Bluetooth, USB, online music apps, DLNA, & AirPlay. RCA input/output connectors on the rear-panel allow you to connect the ND8006 to a Marantz component equipped with remote control (RC-5) terminals for operation from one remote controller.
  • The rear-panel Flasher Input consists of a female 3.5mm jack that is used to control the ND8006 from an external key-pad (sold separately).
  • There is also a RS-232C port on the back-panel that can be used in conjunction with an external 3rd party controller to operate the Network CD Player.

Auto-Standby & Sleep Timer:

  • If there is no input signal or operation for 1/5/15 minutes, the Marantz Network CD Player will automatically go into Standby mode.
  • You can also have the unit's power automatically switched to Standby mode once a set time has elapsed (10 to 90 minutes).
  • This is convenient for listening while going to sleep.
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