MARANTZ MM-7025 Stereo Power Amplifier 140 Watts


Current Feedback:

  • The Mm-7025 Is Equipped With A Current Feedback Circuit And Uses The Same Complimentary Push-pull Circuit As The Far More Expensive Sm-11s1 Power Amp, Providing Minimal Phase Shift And Excellent Detail Resolution.
  • The Current/voltage Conversion Section Has A Wilson Current Mirror Circuit To Improve Circuit Stability And High-speed Processing.

Instant Power Supply:

  • The Final Stage Of The Power Amp Uses The Same Lapt (High Efficiency Power Transistor) As The Sm-11s1, Offering Instant Power Supply Capability.
  • The Power Section Has A Large Transformer And Marantz Original 15,000 Μf / 71 V X 2 Block Condensers To Provide A Powerful, Presence Filled Sound.

Heat Dissipation:

  • The Chimney-shaped Heat Sink Efficiently Processes The Heat Emitted From Each Side Of The Amp And A Quiet Cooling Fan Removes The Heat From The Chassis.
  • A High-sensitivity Temperature Sensor Ic Is Used To Control The Cooling Fan's Rotation Speed To Match The Amount Of Heat Generated By The Amp.

Auto Standby:

  • With The Auto Standby Mode Is Turned On This Unit Will Enter Standby Mode After Approximately 30 Minutes (Continuous) With No Input Signal.

Speaker Outputs:

  • The Speaker Output Terminals Are Binding Posts; They Are Not 5-way Posts, But Will Accept Single Banana Plugs, Pin Connectors, And Bare Wire.
  • A Plastic Collar Prevents Their Use With Spade Lugs And They're Too Far Apart For Dual Banana Plugs.


  • There Are RCA (Unbalanced) And Xlr (Balanced) Inputs. Separate Switches For The Left And Right Channels Specify Which Is Engaged; Useful If You're Not Using The Mm-7025 As A Stereo Amp.


  • A Blue Indicator On The Front Panel Display And A Blue Ring Around The Display Light When The Power Is On; The Blue Ring Around The Display Can Be Turned Off If You Prefer.
  • Separate Red Indicators On The Display Light When The Protection Circuit Or Auto Standby Feature Is Engaged.

Remote Power Control:

  • This Unit Is Equipped With A Remote Power Control Function; When A Compatible Marantz Preamp Is Connected, This Unit's Power Can Be Switched On And Off Simultaneously With The Preamp.
  • The RCA Remote Control Input Is Connected To The Preamp And The Remote Control Output Can Be Connected To Other Compatible Marantz Components; Cd Player, Dvd Player, Tuner, Etc.

Flasher Input:

  • The Ir Flasher Input Is Useful With Universal Remote Controls; Power And Mute Remote Codes Are Available For The Mm-7025.

DC Control:

  • The 3.5mm Mini-jack Input Allows The Mm-7025's Power To Be Controlled By Another Device (5-15 V).
  • The Dc Control Output Allows The Mm-7025 To Control The Power Of Another Compatible Device (12 V/44 Ma).


Amplifier Type:

  • Class AB


  • (20 Hz-20 Khz, 0.08% Thd, Both Channels Driven)
  • 8 Ω: 140 Watts X 2
  • 6 Ω: 170 Watts X 2

Input Sensitivity:

  • RCA : 1.2 V/22 Kω
  • XLR: 2.4 V/30 Kω

Signal To Noise Ratio:

  • 105 DB
Power Consumption: 
  • 330 Watts

Standby Power:

  • 0.2 Watts
  • 23.8 Pounds
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