MARANTZ CD 5005 MP3 & WMA CD Single- Disc CD Player


Disc Compatibility:

  • The Marantz Cd5005 Single Disc Cd Player Can Play Cd, Cd-text, Cd-r, And Cd-rw Discs (Both 12cm And 8cm Discs).
  • The Cd5005 Supports Mp3 And Wma Audio Files That Have Been Recorded Onto Cd-r Or Cd-rw Discs In Iso9660 Mode 1/2 Or Juliet/romeo Disc Format.
  • The Marantz Cd Player Will Recognize Up To 255 Total Files And Folders On A Single Disc.
  • The Unit Will Also Display Cd-text, Id3, And Wma Song/artist Information.
Note: When There Are Multiple Folders Containing Mp3/wma Files, The Playback Order Of Folders Is Automatically Set When This Unit Reads The Media. 

24-Bit/192khz DAC : 

  • The Cd5005 Features High Resolution D/a Conversion And Is Equipped With The Reference Class Cs4398 D/a Converter, Which Provides Up To 192khz/24-bit Resolution For Optimum Fidelity With High Resolution Audio File Types.

HDAM-SA2 (High Definition Amplifier Module):

  • The Cd5005 Utilizes Marantz's Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module, Or Hdam, At Critical Analog Circuit Junctions To Insure Smooth And Ultra-fast Signal Transfer From One Stage To Another.
  • Marantz Uses Hdams Instead Of Standard Op-amps, To Render A More Dynamic Sound With Less Susceptibility To Radiated Noise, Heat, And Vibration.
  • The Unit Uses An Hdam-sa2 For High-speed And High-quality Sound.

Symmetrical Circuit Layout:

  • To Achieve The Best Possible Sonic Performance, Signal Paths Need To Be Short, Direct And Mirror Imaged.
  • The Construction Of The Marantz Cd5005's Circuitry Provides Improved Stereo Imaging By Ensuring Close To Perfect Symmetry Between Right And Left Channel Layout.

High-Grade Headphone Circuit:

  • The High-grade Headphone Circuit Incorporates A High-speed Buffer Amplifier To Enable Headphone Listening Of High Quality Sound Reproduction, Late At Night Or In Other Such Situations.

Aluminum Front Panel:

  • The Unit's Front-panel Combines The Structural Advantages Of Extruded Aluminum With The Resonance Absorption Characteristics Of Glass-reinforced Resin.

20 Track Music Calendar:

  • A Linear Music Calendar Appears At The Bottom Of The Display, And Lights Up With The Number Of Tracks On The Currently Selected Disc, Up To 20. An "Arrow" Icon Indicates The Presence Of 21 Or More Tracks.
  • After A Track Has Been Played, The Number For That Track Disappears From The Calendar Display.
  • In Addition, The Tracks Selected During Program Play Appear In The Music Calendar Display, And Disappear After They Are Played.

Note: This Music Calendar Is Only Available When Playing Back Audio Cds.


Gold Plated Outputs:

  • The Cd Player Features Gold Plated Outputs In Order To Offer The Best Connection For Your System.
  • The Terminals Are Chassis-mounted So They Can Take The Strain Of Audiophile Interconnects.

Digital Outputs:

  • Two Digital Outputs, One Optical (Toslink) And One Coaxial (Rca), Are Provided For Sending Signal To The Digital Input Terminals Of A Receiver, Outboard D/a Converter, Or Cd Recorder.

Analog Output:

  • The Cd Player Also Features A Stereo Rca Output For Analog Connection.

Headphone Jack:

  • The Unit Has A Front Panel 1/4" Headphone Jack With Level Control.
  • The High-grade Headphone Circuit Incorporates A High-speed Buffer Amplifier To Enable Headphone Listening Of High Quality Sound Reproduction.

Remote Input/output:

  • Two Rca Jacks (1 In/1 Out) Are Provided For Connecting The Player And Another Marantz A/v Component For System Remote Control Purposes.
  • The Accompanying Switch Allows You To Select The Remote Control Mode

You Desire:

  • External (When The Player Is Connected To Another Component's Remote Control Jacks) Or Internal (When The Player Is Used As A Standalone Component).


    Audio Enhancers:

    • The Marantz Cd5005 Incorporates Various Audio Adjustments To Enhance Your Listening Experience.

    Audio Ex Function:

    • The Audio Ex Mode Is Provided In Order For You To Enjoy High Quality Sound Based On How You Have Connected The Cd5005 To Your Amplifier.
    • Audio Ex Bypasses The Pitch Control, Mutes The Digital Output, And Shuts The Fl Display Off Completely.
    • With Those Three Potential Noise Sources Eliminated, You'll Be Able To Hear Everything Just As The Artists Intended.
    • There Are Three Settings - Off (Digital Signal Is Only Output When The Pitch Control Setting Is 0), Ex 1 (Offers Better Overall Sound), Ex 2 (Offers Best Sound From Analog Outputs).

    Display On/Off Function:

    • The Cd5005 Features A Dot Matrix Fl Display .
    • The "Display Off" Function Enables The Main Unit Display To Be Turned Of. By Turning Off This Display, The Pulsive Noise Generated From The Display Is Reduced, Thus Eliminating Its Effects On The Music Signals.

    Pitch Control:

    • The "Pitch Control" Functions Enables The Play Speed (Pitch) To Be Varied Over A +/-12 Step.
    • This Feature Is Particularly Useful For Musical Instrument Practice Sessions. This Function Is Only Possible When Playing Back Audio Cds Only.

    Search Options:

    • The Cd5005 Offers The Following Search Options.

    Direct Search:

    • Directly Enter The Track Number On The Remote Control To Play The Desired Track.

    Track Skip:

    • Skip To The Next Or Previous Track Or The Beginning Of The Current Track.
    • Forward/reverse Search: For Searching For A Particular Part Of The Current Track, You Can Search Forward Or Backward.

    Playback Functions:

    • The Cd5005 Provides The Following Options For Disc Playback.

    Repeat Play:

    • You Can Repeat Playback Of One Track, The Entire Disc, Or Specific Portions Of A Track (A-b Repeat).

    Random Play:

    • You Can Play All Tracks Of The Disc Or Folder In Random Order.

    Program Play:

    • You Can Arrange And Play Tracks On A Disc In A Specific Sequence. Up To 25 Tracks Can Be Programmed.
    • As You Are Selecting Tracks, The Display Will Show The Number Of Tracks In The Program, And The Total Playing Time Of The Programmed Tracks.
    • During Program Play, You Can Repeat The Entire List Of Programmed Tracks, Or Play Them In Random Order.

    Remote Control:

    • In Addition The Unit's From Panel Controls, The Single Cd Player Comes Supplied With A Dedicated Full-feature Ir Remote Control For Wireless Operation Of The Cd5005.
    • In Addition, The Remote Has Controls For A Connected Marantz Amplifier With Input Selection, Volume Control, And Mute.

    Auto Standby:

    • With Auto Standby On, You Can Automatically Set This Unit To Standby Mode After The Cd Player Is In Stop-mode (No Operation) Continuously For Approximately 30 Minutes.
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