KLIPSCH Reference Premiere RP-402S Surround Speakers (Walnut)


Wide Dispersion Surround Technology (WDST):

  • As The Cornerstone Of Every Klipsch Surround Speaker, Proprietary Wide Dispersion Surround Technology (Wdst) Provides Astounding Sonic Detail For Lifelike, Cinematic Sound In Practically Any Room; Even With Less-than-ideal Placement Configurations.
  • The Klipsch Rp-402s Delivers Precise Sonic Detail Through The Careful Positioning Of Two Hybrid Tractrix Horn Loaded Titanium Tweeters And Dual 4" Cerametallic Woofers.
  • By Aligning The Two Horn Tweeters At 90° With Respect To Each Other, Along With The Dual 4" Woofers, The Rp-402s Smoothly Covers A 180° Horizontal Arc, Allowing Maximum Placement Flexibility.
  • This Unique Wide Dispersion Surround Technology Will Produce A Smooth, Seamless Broad Distribution Of Sound For Your Home Theater System.

Two 1" Horn-Loaded Tweeters:

  • The Klipsch Rp-402s Surround Loudspeaker Utilizes Two 1" Titanium Lts Vented Tweeters With Hybrid Tractrix Horn Technology For Exceptional High Frequency Response, Detail, And Dispersion.
  • Klipsch Proprietary Tractrix Horn-loaded Technology Ensures High-frequency Energy Of The Rp-402s Surround Speakers Are Aimed Directly At The Listener And Reduces Unwanted, Artificial Reverb Caused By Indirect Sound Bouncing Off Walls - Meaning You Experience The Most Clear, Detailed, Lifelike Sound Possible.

Titanium LTS Vented Tweeters:

  • The Titanium Tweeter Diaphragm's Light Weight Yet Rigid Composition Exceeds The Performance Of Aluminum, Polymer Or Silk Tweeters. A Vented Tweeter Design Reduces Standing Waves Behind The Tweeter Diaphragm For A Smoother High Frequency Reproduction.
  • Klipsch Award-winning Linear Travel Suspension Technology Leverages A Piston Motion Of The Titanium Diaphragm That Lowers Distortion And Delivers Real-to-life Sound.
  • A Ceramic Magnet Housing Provides Premium Performance,

Hybrid Tractrix Horn Technology:

  • This Redesigned 90°x90° Hybrid Tractrix Horn Utilizes A Circular Horn Throat Paired To A Square Horn Mouth To Further Improve High-frequency Response And Extension, While Enhancing Imaging And Dynamics.
  • The Hybrid Tractrix Horn's Compressed Molded Silicon Face Adds High Frequency Damping To Reduce Harshness And Horn Resonance For A Smoother Frequency Response With Improved Detail - Creating A Clean And Natural Sound.
  • Klipsch Also Utilizes Computer Modeled Phase Plugs That Act As A Mechanical Filter To Further Ensure A Smooth, Flat Frequency Response While Protecting The Tweeter From Damage.

Dual 4" Cerametallic Woofers:

  • The RP-402s Surround Loudspeaker Houses Dual 4" Klipsch Proprietary Cerametallic Woofers. Cerametallic Consists Of Extremely Light, Rigid Materials That Can Hold Shape While Being Able To Deliver Lower Frequencies With Maximum Efficiency.
  • The Klipsch Cerametallic Cone Is Matted To A Dual-layer, Copper-wound Voice Coil For Exceptional Conductivity.
  • The 4" Woofer Is Housed In A Non-resonating, Stamped-steel Basket That's Secured To A Large Magnet Motor For Exceptional Efficiency And Low Distortion.

MDF Cabinet:

  • The Klipsch Rp-402s Surround Speaker Features A Mdf Cabinet With A Scratch-resistant, Textured Wood Grain Vinyl That Seamlessly Integrates Into Almost Any Room Or Decor.
  • The Enclosure's Reinforced Mdf Construction Reduces Cabinet Vibration For Less Audible Coloration And Improved Sonic Accuracy.

Acoustically Transparent Grille:

  • The Klipsch Rp-402s Surround Loudspeaker Comes With A Removable, Black Cloth Grille That Is Magnetic And Acoustically Transparent.
  • This Strong Magnetic Grille Provides Protection And A Sleek Aesthetic Look To Compliment Your Home's Decor.

Binding Posts:

  • The Klipsch Reference Premiere Series Surround Speaker Is Fitted With Sturdy Binding Posts To Ensure A Secure Connection To Many Types Of Cable And Connectors.
  • The Binding Post Terminals Will Accept Banana Plugs (Single Only), Pin-connectors, Spade-lugs And Bare Wire (Up To 10awg).
  • Two Plastic Caps Will Need To Be Removed To Use Banana Plugs.

Placement & Mounting Options:

  • The Klipsch Wdst Surround Speakers Should Be Placed Approximately 2' Above The Listening Position.
  • Typically This Will Be About 5'-7' Above The Floor.
  • The Surround Speakers Should Be Placed On The Walls Directly Adjacent To The Listening Position. Another Option Would Be On The Wall Behind The Listening Position.
  • The Klipsch Rp-402s Can Be Simply Placed On A Flat Surface Or Wall Mounted.

Stand Mount:

  • The Klipsch Surround Speaker Can Be Placed On A Speaker Stand, Bookshelf, Table, Or Other Flat Surface.

Wall Mount:

  • The Rp-402s Features A Single Keyhole Slot On The Back Of The Cabinet For Wall-mounting The Speaker Without Any Additional Wall-mount Bracket (Mounting Screws Not Supplied).
  • The Included Rubber Pads Attach To The Back Of The Speaker To Keep The Speaker Aligned With Your Wall And To Prevent Any Wall Damage

Reference Premiere Series:

  • The Klipsch Reference Premiere Series Utilizes A Redesigned Hybrid 90°x90° Tractrix Horn, A Vented Lts Titanium Tweeter, Cerametallic Woofer Construction, And Tractrix Geometry Port Technology For Sound That Will Envelope You And Blow You Away.
  • The Reference Premiere Series By Klipsch Consists Of A Variety Of Floorstanding, Bookshelf, Center, And Surround Speakers (All Sold Separately).
  • Click On The Accessories Tab To Find More Reference Premiere Series Speakers For Your Home System.

Optional Powered SUB:

  • For Bigger & Deeper Bass Response, Pair The Klipsch Reference Premiere Series Loudspeaker With One Of Klipsch's Powered Subwoofers (Sold Separately - Click On Accessories Tab).
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