KEF Kube 12B Powered Subwoofer

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In-House Integration:
  • KEF is one of the few high-end speaker manufacturers who design, engineer and assemble the driver, cabinet and circuitry in-house.
  • This level of integration is the hallmark of KEF's commitment to pure sound.
  • What you get is a driver, amplifier, and cabinet that is perfectly tuned for amazing bass performance.
12" Woofer:
  • The Kube12b features a front-firing 12" woofer that has been designed, built, and integrated in-house by KEF for a new level of optimization that delivers deep, articulate bass.
  • The 12" powered subwoofer is perfect for smaller rooms.
300W Class D Amplifier:
  • The powered sub's 12" woofer is driven by a 300 watt Class D amplifier with a formidable 56-bit 50 MIPS DSP preamplifier for immersive, dynamic bass performance.
iBX Technology:
  • iBX technology extends the bass depth dynamically, unlocking the full potential of the driver's power at normal listening levels or even the most extreme.
  • KEF's design and engineering team worked in chorus to develop iBX. This Intelligent Bass Extension algorithm creates an extended depth that unlocks the full potential of the custom driver; giving you unparalleled precision and ultimate synchronicity between amplifier, driver and sealed cabinet.
  • The DSP analyses your input signal and applies KEF's iBX, allowing the subwoofer to play louder and remain dynamic at any listening level.
Sealed Cabinet:
  • The Kube series powered subwoofer utilizes a sealed (acoustic suspension) cabinet for greater accuracy and delicate musical detail, while allowing the Kube subwoofers to be installed almost anywhere; even inside a cabinet.
Rear-Panel Controls:
  • Rear-panel controls (consisting of Volume Level, Crossover Frequency, Phase and EQ Presets) help match the powered sub to your speaker system and room placement.
Volume Level:
  • The volume control adjusts the output level of the subwoofer in relation to the main loudspeakers.
Crossover Frequency:
  • The crossover frequency control changes the upper cut-off frequency of the subwoofer.
  • Its effective range is from 40Hz to 140Hz at a rate of 24dB per octave. The frequency control should be adjusted to achieve the smoothest integration and transition between the main loudspeakers and the subwoofer.
Phase Control:
  • The phase control will normally be set at 0°, but more output level can sometimes be achieve in the 180° position; in particularly when the subwoofer is far away from your main loudspeakers.
Placement Tuning Presets:
  • There are placement tuning presets for free standing (in-room), wall/cabinet (in-wall), and corner installations, so the powered subwoofer sounds great no matter where you position it.
LFE/RCA & Speaker-Level Inputs:
  • The Kube series powered sub provides LFE, line-level, and speaker-level inputs to connect to a variety of AV receivers and integrated amplifier.
  • KEF's smart Connect intelligent LFE and line-level inputs automatically detect a mono or stereo signal and adjusts the subwoofer volume level accordingly.
LFE (Low Frequency Effect):
  • Thanks to KEF's smartConnect technology, either the Left or Right line-level input can be used as a LFE input and connected to your AV receiver's LFE output
  • . In this setup, your receiver's built-in crossover settings will be utilized instead of the the powered sub's. Make sure the sub's crossover is set to "LFE".
  • If your receiver or integrated amplifier is not equipped with a LFE output but does have line-level outputs, you can use the powered sub's stereo line-level inputs to connect the subwoofer to your receiver or integrated amp.
  • Speaker-Level: The speaker-level input consists of a detachable phoenix-block connector.
  • These speaker-level inputs connect to the main speaker-level outputs of your receiver or integrated amplifier which is not equipped with an LFE out or line-level outputs.
Placement Options:
  • As the bass (low-frequency) sound produced by the subwoofer is non-directional it can be positioned anywhere in the room, although it should not be placed too close to the listener.
  • The Kube subwoofer is a front-firing configuration, therefore you may place the unit close to wall or structures on the right and left sides.
  • For optimum performance, try the subwoofer in different positions to find the best place for a "boom-free" sound.
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