DYNAUDIO DM 2/6 Bookshelf Speaker


Sweet Silk Dome
  • The Dynaudio Dm 2/6 Monitor Comes In A Vinyl-wrapped Mediumdensity-fiberboard Enclosure. This Is So Traditional, It’s Almost Retro.
  • At The Audiophile End Of The Speaker Market, The Vinyl-mdf Box Is Outclassed By Tantalizing Veneers. At The Pragmatic End—which Is Where A Lot Of The Innovation Comes These Days—the Vinyl-mdf Box Has Given Way To Sound-bars And Sat/sub Sets With Curvy Molded-plastic Or Extruded-aluminum Enclosures.
  • I Think Of Vinyl And Mdf As The Speaker Equivalent Of A Well-worn Trench Coat.
  • It May Not Be Dressy, But It’s Rugged, Functional, Timeless, And A Good Thing To Have When Threats Of Economic Storm Darken The Sky.
  • Wood Veneers Are Great For Certain Rooms And Sensibilities.
  • The Pride Of Ownership They Bring Is Worth Something Extra. But What If Your Budget Moves You To Prioritize, And You Decide To Prize A Speaker’s Contents And Capabilities Over Its Visual Style? Then You Might Well Prefer The Staid-looking Dynaudio Dm 2/6. When It Comes To Sound, The Guy In This Trench Coat Is Wearing An Opulent Italian Suit Underneath.
Born In Denmark 
  • Correction, A Danish Suit. Dynaudio Is Located In Denmark, Where It Was Founded In 1977.
  • The Company Is Well Known In High-end Circles For The Quality Of Its Speakers In General And Its Drivers In Particular.
  • This Isn’t The First Time I’ve Ventured Into The Dm Budget Line; I Also Reviewed The 10-inch Dm 2/10 In May 2008. Dynaudio’s Other Lines Ascend Through The Value-rich Excite And Focus Lines To The Higher-end And More Distinctive Contour, Confidence, And Evidence Lines.
  • This Review System Includes Five Dm 2/6 Monitors And A Sub 250 Mc Subwoofer. Although My Review Samples Came In Boxes Of Two, Dynaudio Also Sells The Dm 2/6 In Single Units For A 5.1channel, 7.1-channel, Or Other Odd-numbered Configuration.
  • The Dm 2/6 Is Less Than A Foot Tall And Unprepossessing. Its Vinyl-wrapped Mdf Enclosure Won’t Win Any Beauty Contests, But Its Looks Are On The Quiet Side. What’s Special About This Danish-made Speaker Is What’s Inside.
  • This Budget Speaker Has A Voicing That Fans Of The Company’s Higher-priced Lines Will Recognize.
  • The Dm 2/6’s Tweeter Utilizes A Silk Dome, And The 5.5-inch Woofer Cone Is Made Of Magnesium Silicate Polymer, A Proprietary Material That The Manufacturer Says Combines Low Weight And Controlled Rigidity With Low Internal Resonance.
  • The Cone And Dust Cap Are Formed Together In A Special Manufacturing Process, So There’s No Need To Glue The Dust Cap Onto The Driver. Dynaudio Says The Cone Is Geometrically Optimized For Smooth Dispersion, And My Ears Agree.
  • The Pure Aluminum That Dynaudio Uses In The Voice Coil Is Also Unusual.
  • It Allows It To Be Large And Light At The Same Time.
  • The Sub 250 Mc Has A 10-inch Woofer That Sits Close To The Edges Of Its Enclosure, A Cube That Measures 11.4 By 11.6 By 12.5 Inches. There Are No Ports On The Enclosure, Making This A Sealed Sub—a Relative Rarity. The Potential Advantages Of This Design Are Better Transient Response And Immunity From Port Turbulence.
  • Dynaudio Seems To Opt For Quality Of Bass Output Over Quantity.
  • In The Back-ported Dm 2/6, Dynaudio Seems To Be Hedging Its Bets On Bass. The Speakers Come With Foam Inserts To Plug The Ports.
  • If You Want More Bass Output, You Can Leave The Foam Plugs Out.
  • That’s How The Speakers Are Packaged—the Foam Inserts Come In The Little Baggie With The Instruction Manual—so That’s How I Used Them. I Didn’t Find The Speakers’ Bass To Be Uneven, But My Default Speaker Placement Is About 2 Feet Out From The Wall, Which Translates Into Minimal Room Reinforcement.
  • Depending On Your Preferred Speaker Placement And Your Room’s Acoustic Characteristics, You May Come To A Different Decision.
  • The Sub Comes With Some Interesting Hookup Options.
  • If You Just Want To Run An Interconnect Cable From Your Avr’s Sub-out Jack, It’ll Go To The Sub’s Lfe Input. If You Want To Connect Additional Subs, There’s A Slave Output Jack Next To The Lfe Input.
  • A Toggle Above Them Switches Between Plain-lfe Or Lfe-with-slave Operation.
  • Either Way, You’ll Bypass The Sub’s Crossover And Use The One In Your Avr.

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