Denon DP-400 Automatic Belt-drive Turntable

Product Research

Weighted, Belt-Driven Platter:
  • The Denon DP-400 turntable features a weighted, belt-driven platter that provides precision playback of your vinyl records that is faithful to the original recording.
Speed Selector:
  • The DP-400 turntable supports playback at 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm and 78 rpm (the record rpm is normally indicated on the jacket or label of the record).
  • It easily plays your entire vinyl collection with precision.
Auto Sense:
  • Integrated auto sensor accurately controls the platter, preventing unwanted speed fluctuations during playback so you can enjoy audio reproduction exactly as the artist intended.
Solid-Built Construction:
  • The turntable's solid-built construction offers both the strength and high-density needed to reproduce detailed, resonance-free music.
  • Thick cabinet walls and a weighted platter provide the optimal surface for your vinyl collection, reducing external vibration.
Specially Engineered Tone-Arm:
  • The Denon DP-400 turntable features a carefully engineered curved, horizontal tracking angled tone-arm with auto-lift and playback stop.
  • When the vinyl reaches the end of playback, the tone-arm auto-lifts 10 seconds prior to the groove end and returns to its seated position, preserving the excellent condition of your album.
  • The curved tone-arm design also reduces harmonic distortion, ensuring a crystal clear sonic signal every time you listen.
  • A counterweight is included and will need to be installed on the tone-arm.
MM or MC Cartridge Compatible:
  • The Denon DP-400 includes an MM cartridge for more precise listening and added musical detail.
  • If you prefer listening via an MC cartridge, you can easily swap out the existing MM cartridge to fit your audio preferences.
  • The included MM cartridge does not come pre-installed on the tone-arm; you will need to install the MM cartridge headshell onto the tone-arm.
  • The supplied stylus is good for approximately 400 hours of playback. Replace the stylus in a timely fashion to prevent damage to your record collection.
  • When replacing the stylus, make sure to request the DSN-85.
Anti-Skating Dial:
  • Anti-skating adjustment is performed to counter the force which pulls the stylus tip inside due to the record rotation.
  • Make sure that the anti-skating value is the same as the stylus pressure value.
  • The appropriate stylus pressure for the cartridge included with this unit is 2.0 g (19.6 mN).
Built-In Phono Equalizer Preamp:
  • This turntable has a built-in phono equalizer preamp that enables record playback when connected to receivers and integrated amps with external audio inputs, but no dedicated Phono input.
  • The turntable's built-in phono equalizer creates an open, enveloping sound stage that brings to life your vinyl collection while staying true to the original recording.
RCA Outputs:
  • The DP-400 turntable features a set of stereo RCA outputs to connect to your receiver or integrated amplifier using a set of stereo RCA cables. A 39" stereo RCA cable is included.
Removable Dual-Purpose Dust Cover:
  • The included removable dust cover features a modern design, elevating the overall aesthetic of the DP-400 turntable, while also eliminating vibration issues that affect music quality associated with attached or hinged covers.
  • The dust cover must be removed during playback of records.
  • Doubling as a display stand for your album cover, you can place the dust cover upright on the included base and show it of proudly to family & friends.
  • This is not a hinged dust cover. It simply lifts on and off. The dust cover must be removed during playback of records.
  • The dust cover can be put back on the turntable once playback has stopped and the tone-arm is back on its rest.
Auto Stop/Power Off Function:
  • When the Automatic Stop is turned on, the tone arm automatically raises after playback ends and the turntable stops.
  • This keeps the turntable from continuing to turn and cause stylus wear should you accidentally fall asleep while listening to a record.
  • The power will turn off approximately 20 minutes after the turntable stops. Use the power/rpm switch knob to restart playback.
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