Denon AVR-x1600H 7.2-Channel Home Theater Receiver


Dolby Digital with Fully-discrete 300 watt Amplifiers

  • The AVR-1600 is equipped with a fully discrete configuration for each channel that supports not only Dolby Digital but
  • lets you use the unit as a high-quality pure audio amplifier as well. The AVR-1600 also provides an external input terminal
  • for a 6-channel to support the multi-channel format. With its rich array of input and output terminals, a Personal Memory
  • Plus function that enhances ease of operation, and overall superior performance, the AVR-1600 gives you everything you
  • need in a Dolby Digital A/V surround receiver at an affordable price.

Fully Discrete, Equal Response and Power of 60 W
for Each Channel

  • Front 60 W + 60 W (8 ohms, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.08 % THD)
  • Center 60 W (8 ohms, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.08 % THD)
  • Surround 60 W + 60 W (8 ohms, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.08 % THD)
  • The AVR-1600 uses a high-capacity power transformer
  • in the power circuit to support not only stable reproduction
  • of 5.1-channel Dolby Digital sound sources but also high-
  • quality pure audio recordings. The fully discrete configura-
  • tion of the power amp section delivers equal power to the
  • Front Left and Right, Center, and Surround Left and Right
  • speakers to ensure that they all respond at identical levels.
  • During surround sound reproduction, the AVR-1600 taps
  • its powerful reserves of 60 W for each of the 5 channels to
  • surround you with a refreshingly clean, realistic sound.

High-Performance Dolby Digital

  • The AVR-1600 gives you high-performance Dolby Digital
  • at a price you can afford. With a fully discrete configuration
  • for each of the unit’s five channels, the AVR-1600’s Dolby
  • Digital decoder recreates the sound space of a video pro-
  • gram in real-life 3D perspective, with an exciting sense of
  • motion that accompanies the images on the screen

6-Channel External Input, for Multi-Channel Sound

  • The AVR-1600 provides an external terminal for a 6-channel to support 5.1-channel playback of dts, DVD-Audio, and other multi-channel sources.
  • 5.1-channel audio sources recorded in the dts format can be enjoyed when a dts decoder is connected to the AVR-1600.
  • You might just want to enjoy Dolby Digital programs at first, but the AVR-1600 offers you the ability to easily upgrade your system so that you can dive into the excitement of fully discrete 5.1-channel dts digital sources as well if you wish.

Pre Outputs for System Upgrading

  • The pre-out terminals on the AVR-1600 is offered for Front, Center and Mono (Subwoofer) channels.
  • A separate power amp can be connected to these terminals to upgrade your system.

11 Surround Playback Modes

  • The AVR-1600 is equipped with 11 surround modes to help you obtain the optimum effects for the program sources you are playing.
  • The Dolby Pro Logic modes are Normal, Phantom, Wide, and 3-Channel; and the additional modes are 6-Channel EXT.
  • IN, 5-Channel Stereo, Rock Arena, Jazz Club, Mono Movie, Video Game, and Matrix.

Personal Memory Plus, for Easy Operation

  • The AVR-1600 includes the Personal Memory Plus function that automatically remembers the surround mode you last used for each program source, so that you do not need to select the mode again for that program.

Versatile Speaker Terminals

  • The Binding Posts are used for the Front L/R and Center speaker terminals.

Acclaimed Customization Feature

  • As with all of DENON’s high-grade A/V amplifiers, the AVR-1600 lets you adjust delay times and other parameters so that you can customize the performance of the AVR-1600
  • to suit your own home theater and enhance operating case.
  • The adjustments are easy to make via a dialog format on the fluorescent display on the front panel.
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