Definitive Technology Solocinema XTR Powered Home Theater Sound Bar With True 5.1 Surround Sound And Wireless Subwoofer

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SoloCinema XTR System: 

  • The Definitive Technology SoloCinema XTR system has been designed to deliver high-definition audio that will match your TV's high-definition picture.
  • The SoloCinema XTR system includes an ultra-thin, high-gloss aluminum amplified soundbar speaker and a slim, wireless powered subwoofer which offers a virtual 5.1 channel sound experience without the need for a surround receiver or rear speakers.
  • The soundbar speaker features dedicated drivers for five channels of surround (Front L/R, C, Rear L/R), while the wireless powered subwoofer handles the LFE channel.
  • Using Definitive's patented Spatial Array technology combined with SRS TruSurround, The SoloCinema XTR system delivers a life-like, three-dimensional sound experience.

Amplified Soundbar Speaker: 

  • The SoloCinema XTR soundbar speaker houses three of Definitive Technology's exclusive pure aluminum dome 1" tweeters and six patent-pending XTDD anodized aluminum dome 3.5" midrange drivers for accurate, clear natural sound.
  • Each driver and tweeter in the soundbar is powered by its own digital amplifier.
  • 200-watts powers the bar to lifelike volume levels to fill even large rooms with high impact, low-distortion sound.
  • There are no passive filters or crossovers; all signal processing is performed digitally for the utmost precision, clarity, and accuracy.
  • The soundbar speaker employs a thin-profile, aircraft-grade extruded aluminum enclosure that is ultra-rigid and resonance-free for superior sound.
  • At only 2.375" deep, the SoloCinema XTR's soundbar speaker is the perfect complement to today's ultra-slim TVs.
  • It can be either wall or shelf mounted with the supplied brackets and hardware.
  • One type of shelf hardware allows you to raise the soundbar speaker over the TV's protruding stand.
  • The other set tilts the soundbar speaker upwards when placed on a shelf below the TV.

Wireless Powered Subwoofer: 

  • Despite its small size, the SoloCinema XTR's wireless powered subwoofer packs quite a punch.
  • Its 8" high-excursion, long-throw woofer is powered by a massive 250-Watt digital amplifier to provide you with deep, impactful bass you expect from your favorite music and action/adventure films.
  • The sealed enclosure ensures tight, accurate bass with no distortion.
  • The powered subwoofer connects to the system's soundbar speaker wirelessly.
  • Simply select the location that best fits your room and plug it into a wall AC outlet.
  • The slim subwoofer is easy to tuck out of sight behind or under furniture (you can even place on its back pointing up).

Analog + Digital Connections: 

  • The SoloCinema XTR soundbar speaker has a full-array of inputs including HDMI (3), digital optical (1), and analog (1) allowing you to connect your Blu-Ray player, cable/satellite tuner, gaming console as well as a legacy source such as a VCR.
  • The three HDMI inputs support both audio (up 7.1ch) and video (up to 1080p) signals for convenient hookup and neat wire management.
  • There is also a HDMI output that feeds the audio/video signal (up to 7.1ch/1080p) from your AV source through the soundbar speaker to your flat-panel TV.
  • The optical (toslink) digital input supports 2.1ch to 5.1ch audio. The analog (RCA) input supports 2ch audio only.
  • There is also a USB port for firmware updates only.

Dolby Digital/DTS + Dolby Pro Logic II Processing: 

  • The SoloCinema XTR supports the latest high-definition lossless surround formats; including Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD for maximum audio performance.
  • Most Blu-Ray discs feature uncompressed high-definition audio tracks.
  • Lossless means that you'll hear exactly the same high quality sound as the original studio master recordings.
  • You will enjoy music and movies with full dynamic impact and the highest definition, clarity and detail; exactly as the creators intended.
  • The system also offers Dolby Pro Logic II processing which transforms stereo content into full-range surround sound.

Dolby Volume: 

  • The SoloCinema XTR also features Dolby Volume technology which levels the volume across video programs.
  • Set volume to the level you are comfortable with and Dolby Volume does the rest.
  • Sound levels stay constant, even when TV advertisers try to blast you out of your chair.

Remote Control: 

  • The SoloCinema XTR system puts you in control, simply and comfortably with its ingenious IR remote.
  • As you slide your finger over the remote you'll notice that all the controls are shaped with concave and convex forms to make it easy to use even in the dark.
  • It fits perfectly in your hand, your thumb naturally falling on the most often used control (Volume).
  • The remote's Bass control lets you optimize the system's bass loudness to match the program material, your taste or your mood.
  • The Center control adjusts the volume of the channel that handles almost all of the dialogue duties in order to correct for differences in dialogue intelligibility from program to program.
  • The Music/Movie buttons optimize the system's sound characteristics such as bass level and surround effect intensity to best match what you're listening to.
  • For greater convenience, you can program the SoloCinema XTR to respond to the power, volume, mute, and source select commands of your TV or cable box remote.
  • Built-in IR remote "flashers" allows the unit to be placed in front of a TV (for example, when used on a table top) without disrupting your TV's remote functions.
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