Definitive Technology Mythos Gem Multi-Purpose Compact Home Theater Speakers (Pair)

Definitive technology....

Excite your senses with invisible sound
Dt series:
  • Experience sensational sonic performance that seemingly disappears into walls and ceilings.
Every piece chosen for a purpose
  • Dt series speakers were developed from the ground up with the highest quality materials. Clear, natural sound springs from high definition drivers, as acoustically optimized tweeters reveal the most delicate of details.
  • All while wafer-thin grilles hide in plain sight. Each component specifically selected to maximize performance.

Surround sound to believe in

  • Envelop your home in rich, high performance sound from built-in speakers that won’t encroach on your living space.
  • Choose from a wide variety of dt series single stereo and surround loudspeakers to create a complete stealth home theater experience.

Product Research


  • The Definitive Technology Gem Satellite Loudspeakers provide high-quality sound as a front or back/side surround speaker.
  • Each Gem satellite loudspeaker features two high-definition 3-1/2 inch high definition mid/bass drivers for life-like clarity and three-dimensional imaging and a 1-inch (25mm) pure aluminum dome tweeter for high frequency extension, detail and, smoothness. Each Gem satellite loudspeaker utilizes angled drivers to disperse the sound over a broader area.
  • The satellite speakers feature a hand-polished gloss aircraft-grade extruded aluminum enclosure with proprietary damping technologies to ensure total rigidity and accurate sound.
  • The satellite speakers can be placed on a table-top or wall-mounted.
  • Driver Technology
  • Enclosure Design
  • Connections
  • Mounting Options

Driver Technology

Angled Drivers: 

  • Each Mythos Gem contains two 3-1/2 inch long-throw mid/bass drivers that are angled in opposite directions to broaden the midrange dispersion.
  • The bass roll-off of the Mythos Gem is smooth and controlled, allowing it to seamlessly blend with a powered subwoofer, such as Definitive's SuperCubes, for audiophile-grade home theater performance.

Pure Aluminum Dome Tweeter:

  •  EachMythos Gem is equipped with a 1-inch ferrofluid-dampened pure aluminum dome tweeter for extended, smooth highs.

Linkwitz-Riley Crossover Network: 

  • The Mythos Gem uses a sophisticated Linkwitz-Riley Crossover Network to perfectly blend the drivers into a sonically seamless audio environment.

Break-In Period: 

  • The Mythos Gem will sound good right out of the box; however, an extended break-in period of 20-40 hours or more of playing is required to reach full performance capability.
  • The break-in period allows the suspensions to work in and results in full bass, a more open midrange, and smoother high frequency reproduction.

Enclosure Design

Extruded Aluminum Enclosure: 

  • The Mythos Gem enclosure is hand-polished gloss back aircraft-grade extruded aluminum with proprietary damping technologies that ensure total rigidity.
  • All components are mounted on a resonance-free PolyStone baffle.
  • These construction technologies along with state-of-the-art drivers and tweeter serve to deliver high quality sound with a wide soundstage, pinpoint imaging, high dynamic impact, and superb realism.


Binding Posts: 

  • Each Mythos Gem is equipped with a pair of gold-plated, 5-way binding posts to attach your receiver's speaker wire.

Mounting Options


  • The Mythos Gem comes with a wall-mount bracket, so you can easily mount the speaker on the wall (mounting screws not included).
  • The Mythos Gem also features a 1/4"-20 threaded insert for using Definitive Technology's optional articulating wall-bracket (ProMount 80) to mount the speaker on the wall.
  • In addition, the Mythos Gem can be placed on a table-top, shelf, or stand.
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