Definitive Technology BP8020ST Floor-standing With Built-in Powered Subwoofer-Tower Speaker

Speaker Features

Bipolar Design:

  • The definitive technology bp-8020st is a 3rd generation "Supertower." this bipolar speaker contains drivers on the front and rear of the cabinet.
  • The bp-8020st uses a new patent-pending design called forward focused bipolar array.
  • By radiating sound both forward and rearward, the speaker produces sound as it is in real life, with improved pinpoint localization of soloists, greater placement flexibility, and superior intelligibility.

Non-Resonant Tapered Cabinet:

  • The bp-8020st features a highly-engineered inert and resonance-free heavy mdf (medium-density fiberboard) cabinet to prevent coloring the sound.
  • The front of the enclosure is tapered to make it appear slimmer.
  • Wherever a driver is attached to the cabinet, a second layer of mdf is attached to prevent the drivers from causing vibration to the rest of the enclosure.
  • The sealed midrange enclosures serve as braces for the side walls, while mdf cross braces near the woofer further stiffen the cabinet.
  • The entire enclosure is wrapped in a cloth "Grille sock", while the high-gloss polymer composite end-cap and bottom panel add a touch of elegance.

High-Definition Drivers:

  • The bp-8020st utilizes two 3-1/2" high-definition midrange drivers surrounding a 1" annealed pure aluminum dome tweeter in a d'appolito front array.
  • On the rear, there is a single identical 3-1/2" driver as used in the front array.
  • The front and rear arrays are housed in separately sealed mdf enclosures to isolate the midranges from the influence of the subwoofer.

Built-In Powered Subwoofer:

  • The bp-8020st is equipped with a long-excursion, side-firing 8" subwoofer, driven by a 150-watt class d amplifier.
  • The subwoofer is coupled with a critically-tuned slot bass vent.
  • The vent's wide mouth area minimizes air turbulence to give you cleaner, deeper, and more efficient bass. The benefits of a built-in subwoofer include:
  • Eliminates the need for a separate subwoofer that takes up additional floor space.
  • More bass output from two subwoofers, compared to one.
  • Two subwoofers reduce standing wave room resonances and dead zones.
  • The subwoofers are perfectly integrated and blended with the mids and highs, eliminating the crossover and phase controls of a separate subwoofer.
Subwoofer Volume:
  • The level of the subwoofer (relative to the other drivers) can be adjusted using the rotary dial on the back panel of the speaker.
  • Once the bass level is set, the overall volume of the speaker system can be controlled by the receiver/amplifier.
Auto Power:
  • The bp-8020st has a special circuit that automatically turns on the amplifier when a signal is fed to the speaker.
  • The led on the back panel will glow when a signal is sensed and the amplifier turns on.
  • After the signal ceases, it may take up to an hour for the amplifier to turn off.
  • When first powering up after being unplugged, the led will flash for about 30 seconds while the firmware is loading.
Stabilizer Feet:
  • The speaker comes with four stabilizer feet which attach to the bottom of the cabinet, two per side, with the supplied self-tapping screws.
  • Each foot has a threaded insert to allow you to screw in the supplied carpet spikes or smooth floor glides, depending upon the type of floor they're being placed upon.
  • The spikes and glides add approximately 1" to the overall height of the speaker.
  • The bp-8020st bipolar speakers have a lot of flexibility when it comes to placement and positioning.
  • It is recommended that the speakers be placed at least 4" from a back wall, and at least 6" from a side wall. When used as left and right main speakers, you should set up the speakers and the listening position in an equilateral triangle, with the speaker cabinets turned slightly inward.



Definitive Technology BP-8020ST Back connection panel

Binding Posts:
  • The bp-8020st is equipped with a pair of gold-plated, 5-way binding posts on the back of the cabinet to attach your receiver's speaker wire.
  • The terminals will accept bare wire, pin connectors, spade lugs, single and dual banana plugs. Recommended amplifier power: 20 to 250 watts rms.
LFE Input:
  • For the powered subwoofer, the bp-8020st has a single rca lfe (low-frequency effects) input. Since you'll be using two speakers, you will need a y-adapter to split the lfe output from your receiver to each subwoofer.
Wiring Options/Speaker Setup:
  • You can connect the bp-8020st in one of two ways, with or without the lfe connection.
  • If you use only speaker wire, you should set the speaker setup on the receiver to "Large" and sub to "No." if you connect the speaker with speaker wire and the lfe, the speaker setup should be "Large" and "Yes."
Note: it is recommended that you do not use the receiver's auto setup function, as it is often ineffective in setting up and adjusting speakers with built-in subwoofers.

Ac Power:
  • The speaker has an ac power input (Iec 2-prong type) on the back panel for plugging in the powered subwoofer. A 7' ac power cord is included.


  • 5.6875" enclosure only
  • 10.6875" with stabilizer feet
  • 35.875" enclosure only
  • 36.875" with carpet spikes or floor glides
  • 12.1875" including binding posts
  • 15.42 Kg
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