Definitive Technology AW6500 Outdoor Speaker

Driver Technology

Pressure Coupled Radiator Design:

  • The AW series outdoor speaker provides clear, high-definition sound by pressure-coupling a BDSS technology driver to a racetrack-shaped mid/bass radiator cleverly placed on the opposite side of the enclosure.
  • This technique offers a total bass radiating area greater than an 8-inch woofer to belt out powerful bass that fills outdoor areas.

BDSS Technology:

  • Definitive Technology's Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS) driver offers a wide-bandwidth accurate frequency response, broad dispersion, low distortion, and detail retrieval; so you hear more the music with greater accuracy and enjoyment.
  • BDSS drivers incorporate the following design features.

Balanced Double Surrounds:

  • The speaker's balanced double surrounds support the cone at two points to provide better mechanical stability for longer, more linear excursion, and improved damping to suppress parasitic cone resonance.

Mineral-Filled Polymer Cone:

  • The speaker features a deeply drawn mineral-filled polymer cone engineered using sophisticated 3D modeling techniques for wide range performance.


  • The cone's integrated waveguide smoothes off-axis response for broad, even dispersion and better imaging.

High Temperature Voice Coil:

  • The driver's high temperature, oversized, lightweight vented voice coil offers improved power handling and quick transient response.
  • The voice coil is also lengthened to increase linearity and lower distortion.

Magnet Structure:

  • The driver's magnetic system is optimized by finite element analysis to maximize magnetic flux in the gap for high efficiency and linear excursion.

Die-Cast Alloy Basket:

  • The die-cast alloy basket minimizes ringing and vibration while the open area minimizes back wave reflection.


  • The Definitive Technology AW6500 features a 6-1/2" BDSS driver coupled to a 5-1/2" x 10" (racetrack) pressure-driven low-bass radiator, and a 1" pure aluminum dome tweeter.

Break-In Period:

  • The AW series outdoor loudspeakers will sound good right out of the box; however, an extended break-in period of 20-40 hours or more of playing is required to reach full performance capability.
  • The break-in period allows the suspensions to work in and results in full bass, a more open midrange, and smoother high frequency reproduction.

Enclosure Design

Polystone Non-Resonant All-Weather Enclosure: 
  • The Definitive Technology AW6500 features a fully sealed (air and water tight) design, aluminum grilles, and rugged PolyStone enclosure, which allow it to be fully exposed to the elements and still reliably deliver their indoor speaker sound quality for years of outdoor listening enjoyment.


  • The AW series speakers utilize special components and material for outdoor use.
  • However, you will achieve the longest life of the speaker by positioning it to minimize direct exposure to the elements as much as possible.

Available Colors:

  • The Definitive Technology AW6500 comes in either a Black or White (paintable) finish.


Binding Posts:

  • The AW6500 is equipped with a pair of gold-plated, 5-way binding posts to attach your receiver's speaker wire.

Mounting Options

Mounting Bracket:

  • The AW6500 outdoor speaker features an integrated galvanized steel mounting bracket and unique enclosure shape which allow a full 360-degrees of rotation for maximum placement flexibility.
  • The AW outdoor speaker, using the integrated mounting bracket, can be oriented horizontally or vertically.
  • The mounting bracket allows you to mount the speaker to an outdoor wall or under the eve of your home.
  • The integrated mounting bracket can also be used as horizontal stand, if you want to simply place the speaker on a table or shelf.
  • The mounting bracket is also removable, if you one to place the outdoor speaker in a vertical position on a shelf or table.


  • The AW speaker can be mounted vertically or horizontally, but remember to always point the speaker in such a way as to allow water to roll off the driver cone and/or low bass radiator.


  • Position the AW series loudspeaker as close as possible to the area where you will be listening to it.
  • Pointing the active driver baffle towards the listener while the low-bass radiator side faces the wall or ground gives you the ideal balance of clear mids, extended highs, and low-end bass even in the tough acoustic conditions of the outdoors.
  • The AW speaker has a very wide dispersion patter; however, if you are trying to cover a very large area, you will be better off using multiple pairs of AW speakers in order to achieve and even distribution of sound.
  • With multiple pairs you will avoid having areas where the sound is tool loud and others where the sound is not loud enough.
  • One pair of AW series loudspeakers will cover approximately 200-400 square feet of listening area at moderately loud levels.
  • Try to point the speaker directly at the listening area.


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