Cambridge Audio CP1 Phono Preamplifier For Moving Magnet Cartridges (Black)

Improve Your Standards of Listening

  • Do you really need a separate phono preamplifier? The simple answer is, of course, if your turntable or stereo system doesn't already have one built in.
  • But even if does, and you're currently plugging your turntable directly into your receiver or amp's phono input, you could still be missing out on a lot of sonic goodness.
  • That's because many manufacturers use low-cost, low-fi circuitry that sounds flat and lifeless.
  • The cambridge audio cp1 solves that problem.
  • It boosts and equalizes the tiny voltages coming from your 'table's moving magnet phono cartridge to deliver a robust, line-level signal infused with rich, dynamic sound — revealing layers of musical detail hidden in the grooves of your favorite vinyl records.

The Cambridge Audio Difference

  • Cambridge audio has a passion for creating high-value audio gear that captures every last drop of detail and emotion from your music.
  • The cp1 has been carefully designed to offer plenty of foot-tapping performance at a price that won't break the bank.
  • Its advanced electronics include high-quality 'class a' amplification circuits and hand-picked components housed in an all-metal outer casing featuring a thick, brushed-aluminum front panel.
  • And since cambridge knows that not every phono cartridge delivers perfectly even left- and right-channel output signals, they gave this preamp a fine-tune balance control that lets you correct for any differences. 

Need a cable?

  • This phono preamp does not come with an rca cable to connect to your receiver or amp.

Product Research


Phono Pre-Amp: 

  • The Cambridge Audio CP1 phono pre-amplifier has been designed to complement a wide range of MM (moving magnet) turntables.
  • This high-quality pre-amplifier contains the amplification required to enable you to connect your MM turntable to your integrated amplifier, stereo receiver, or home theater receiver.
  • Some integrated amplifiers and receivers are already able to support turntable connections, but these built-in phono pre-amplifiers are out-performed by the Cambridge Audio CP1.
  • Connected using a stereo audio interconnect cable, the CP1 is set-up in minutes allowing you to appreciate stunning clarity, musicality, and resolution from all your vinyl recordings.

Moving Magnet (MM) Compatible: 

  • The Cambridge Audio CP1 is a phono pre-amplifier with a moving magnet (MM) input stage; which describes the commonly used type of cartridge (sometimes referred to as a "needle" or "stylus") configuration typically supplied with many turntables.

"Class A" + RIAA EQ: 

  • The CP1 MM phono pre-amplifier utilizes a single-ended "Class A" gain stage with audiophile passive RIAA equalization for excellent sound quality.

Discrete Transistors: 

  • The Cambridge Audio MM phono pre-amplifier uses discrete transistors for the input stages, instead of the more common integrated circuits which can cause interference and distortion.
  • The CP1 using premium components chosen for exceptional accuracy, amplifying the signal without distorting it.

Balance Control: 

  • The CP1 MM phono pre-amplifier offers Balance Control for fine correction of cartridge imbalance.
  • This control allows you to make fine adjustments to the relative output levels of the left and right channels.
  • In the central position the output from each channel is equal.

RCA Input/Output: 

  • The Cambridge Audio CP1 MM phono pre-amplifier is fitted with a set of stereo RCA inputs to connect your MM (moving magnet) cartridge turntable.
  • The CP1 is also fitted with a set of stereo RCA outputs to connect your turntable and the pre-amplifier to the line-level inputs on your home receiver or integrated amplifier.
  • Do not connect the CP1 to a "Phono Input" on a receiver or amplifier.

Ground Terminal: 

  • The CP1 has a turntable ground, in case your turntable has a separate ground lead.
  • This provides shielding to the tone-arm and the sensitive circuitry in the turntable.

All Metal Chassis: 

  • The Cambridge Audio CP1 phono pre-amplifier features an acoustically damped full metal chassis with a thick brushed aluminum front-panel.

Power Switch: 

  • The Cambridge Audio CP1 features a front-panel power switch to turn the unit On/Off; this allow energy consumption to be zeroed when not in use.

External AC Adapter: 

  • The Cambridge Audio CP1 MM phono pre-amplifier includes an external AC power supply.
  • Input: 120V AC, 60Hz
  • Output: 12V - 500mA
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