Bose Freespace 3 Flush-mount Satellites Speakers Pair -Black


  • Subwoofer/satellite systems that deliver high fidelity and extended-bandwidth reproduction of voice and music for a wide range of installed applications, including retail, restaurant and hospitality operations
  • Modular design supports the flexibility for use of 2 or 4 satellites per Acoustimass bass module, and parallel connection of bass modules
  • Mix and match surface-mount and flush-mount components to work with different room decors and layouts for a variety of applications
  • Flush-mount components are plenum rated when used with the optional plenum cover
  • Selectable 70/100V or low impedance with transformer tap adjustment on Acoustimass bass module
  • Can be configured for stereo or mono operation

FreeSpace 3 system

  • The FreeSpace 3 system offers superb flexibility and value in a high-quality, full-range, Virtually Invisible loudspeaker system.
  • The FreeSpace 3 business mixes flush-mount and surface-mount satellite speakers with a flush or surface Acoustimass bass module for ceiling, pendant or wall installation.

What is The New About FreeSpace 3 system

  • The system adds a flush-mount Acoustimass bass module to the original surface components for easy installation in a hard or tile ceiling, or on a wall.
  • The new flush-mount satellite speaker provides the best solution for customers who cannot accommodate a surface-mount solution.
  • Projects can mix and match surface and/or flush speakers as needed to meet each customer's requirements.

What Is Unchanged About The Freespace 3 System?

  • It still provides the best business music system solution for many customers.
  • The acoustic performance of the flush-mount Acoustimass bass module is the same as the surface FreeSpace 3 Acoustimass bass module.
  • The acoustic performance of the flush-mount satellite is equal to the surface-mount satellite speakers.

Tell Me About The New Flush-mount Freespace 3 Acoustimass Bass Module.

  • Adding low-end bass performance to any business music system application is now simple and affordable.
  • The Acoustimass bass module in an all-ceiling package adds the deep, rich experience of full-range sound to any project.
  • Install the Acoustimass module anywhere in the room: in the ceiling; inside a wall; pendant-mounted; or surface-mounted on the wall.

About The New Flush Satellite.

  • The FreeSpace 3 flush satellite is the acoustic equivalent of the surface-mount satellites in a simple, easy-to-use, flush-mount package.
  • It can also be pendant-mounted from a solid conduit in an open ceiling, using the optional cosmetic cover.


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