Bose® FreeSpace® DS 16SE 2-1/4" Commercial Weather-resistant Surface Mount Speaker (White)

Product Research


  • The Bose FreeSpace DS 16SE is a high-performance 70/100 volt loudspeaker that can be wall mounted indoors or outdoors (outdoors per IEC 529 IP55) and has been designed for foreground music and speech reproduction in a wide range of installed applications.
  • Made from durable ABS plastic with a powder-coated steel grill, the DS 16SE features a 2.25" full-range driver mounted in a ported enclosure that can deliver high output with a 170˚ horizontal x 160˚ vertical coverage pattern and a frequency range down to 80 Hz.

Shared Voicing:

  • Shared voicing across the entire FreeSpace DS product line allows the DS 16, DS 40, and DS 100 loudspeakers to be integrated into the same system while maintaining consistent tonal quality.

70/100 Volt:

  • The DS 16SE is rated for 16 watts RMS (64 watts peak) and can be used with both 70 and 100 volt systems and includes an 8Ω bypass mode as well.
  • An easy-to-change thumb wheel allows tap settings to be made without having to remove the speaker from its mount.
  • Accessing the tap dial is done by un-snapping one end of the front grill trim. The following tap settings are available:
  • 70 V: 1 W, 2 W, 4 W, 8 W, and 16 W
  • 100 V: 2 W, 4 W, 8 W, and 16 W


  • The rear of the DS 16SE has three set-screw terminals for speaker wire connections that can accommodate wire from 18 AWG to 14 AWG.
  • A screw-down protective cover plate is provided that also includes a ring for an optional safety cable attachment.


  • Bose offers a versatile mounting system with the DS 16SE. The built-in rear mounting bracket can be rotated 90˚ by removing two screws, allowing the speaker to be mounted horizontally or vertically.
  • The mounting bracket allows the speaker to either tilt or swivel, depending on how the speaker is aligned in the bracket, and the Bose logo can also be rotated to match the speaker orientation.
  • All wiring for the speaker is attached to set-screw terminals inside the wall-mount plate.
  • A single 4-pin connector cable on the speaker plugs into a socket on the wall-plate, giving the speaker a clean look and allowing it to easily be detached and re-attached to the mount.


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